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Bianca Barbucci

Experte marketing et expérience client


Bianca est experte en marketing et en développement des affaires avec plus de 20 ans d'expérience. Elle a une expertise unique en expérience client, marketing relationnel/fidélisation et en "shopper marketing" dans un environnement omni-canal. 

Bianca Barbucci is a true marketing expert who works with brands and companies on aligning their strategic marketing direction, taking their products and services to market and expanding their business at the locally, nationally or internationally. She has led the shopper marketing division of Groupe TVA - the largest French network TV - for 5 years and previously worked in the agency business, namely as VP Client Services at FCB for 15 years and as VP, Managing Director at Publicis for 2 years.


Conseils et point de vue de Bianca Barbucci :

5 secrets pour créer la bonne offre...pour la bonne cible

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